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Gymstick - Travel Roller...

With this compact sized Travel Roller, core stabilization exercise and joint and spinal mobilization can be performed anywhere. Travel Roller comes with a MyoFascia ball which conveniently releases tight and sore muscles in the smaller muscle groups such as feet, shoulders, upper back and arms.

SZLK AccuStick®

Tension Relief Massage Tool Curves, corners and points designed to massage muscles and release trigger points. AccuStick’s unique shape provides leverage to release hard to reach knots.

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Trigger Point - The Grid...

The Grid Foam Roller - Features Distrodensity™ Zones and Matrix Technology to mimic the feel of a human hand for a deep tissue massage. This hard foam roller is also environmentally friendly thanks to the hollow middle. Sleek in size: 13" long and 5" in diameter.

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